Wine Tasting

Looking for a unique way to entertain friends as well as grow in your wine knowledge? Let us organize a tasting. We can use our wine knowledge to help you select wines for an event and then allow us to come and host the event. There are many different options, including:

+ A Introduction to wine tasting

Let us introduce you to some common varietals, and teach you how to “taste” wine and identify what you like.

+ A blind tasting by varietal

Taste multiple examples from all over the world of the same grape. North America, South America, Europe, Australia and South Africa all produce great wine. Taste what makes each of them unique

+ A blind tasting by region

Taste multiple wines from the same region. Taste the “terrior” of a place. Taste what makes these places unique and learn how the climate and soil effect the wine.

+ Comparison tasting between new world
and old world wines of the same varietal

Let us show you the nuances that differentiate New World and Old World wines. Taste for yourself what people mean when they are discussing “Burgundian” style Chardonnay. Compare Sancerre from the Loire Valley with New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Its a great way to learn more about a favorite varietal.

+ How to pair wine with food

Let us give you some fundamentals for this tricky subject. Wine is something that should enhance food. It can make a good meal great. We are able to prepare specific examples of harmonious pairings for you and your guests to taste.

+ Wine and Cheese Pairings

We can provide an assortment of wines and cheeses and explain how to pair wine with your favorite cheese.

+ Vertical Tastings

Taste different vintages of the same wine. By trying the same wine over several vintages you can experience how the weather and other factors affect the wine. Also you can see how wine ages and how time adds complexity.