Who We Are

Daniel and Jay Chadwick grew up in suburban Philadelphia. Raised in a family steeped with traditions, whose day-to-day living centered around great food and wine. The Chadwick family espoused “farm to table” before it was in style. Parents, and children, side by side, grew their own vegetables, raised and butchered their own animals, and made their own wine. Quality ingredients are integral to the Chadwick’s way of life, who still consider themselves students of great food and wine as well as the arts and music. Their mother’s Abruzzese roots greatly influenced Jay and Daniel. As a family, they learned how to prepare a great number of the region’s dishes. Their unique family traditions destined their innate passions toward food and wine and the arts.

Jay started in food as a journeyman meat cutter. He apprenticed under French and Dutch butchers working in the U.S. He left the food business to attend West Chester University, where he majored in History and had a double minor in Finance and Fine Art. Jay left school to pursue a profitable career in fine art but found himself consistently drawn to the restaurant business. When he finally decided to pursue a career in culinary arts, Georges Perrier gave him the opportunity to work as the saucier in his restaurant, Georges’. Jay excelled under Chef Perrier, who soon promoted Jay to kitchen manager. Jay’s hard work paid off and after six months, Chef Perrier promoted Jay to Sous Chef. In time, the much-anticipated restaurant, Firecreek, located in Downingtown, sought out Jay to open the new restaurant as their Executive Sous Chef. Jay is known for his meticulous attention to detail, his full flavors, creative eye and a clear vision of what he wants to share with people through his food.

Together, Daniel and Jay share a considerable experience in the restaurant business. Their professional experiences and family traditions compliment each other to create a unique response to the delivery of superior cuisine and food and wine service. Both men possess an inherent sense of joy, passion and enthusiasm toward creating a memorable dining experience for others to enjoy.

Daniel started in the restaurant business at age seventeen serving at the fine-dining French restaurant Le Jonquille. He served at several other Main Line restaurants after that, eventually finding a home at Georges Perrier’s main line destination, Georges’. There Daniel performed as bar manager, assistant general manager and wine director. While at Georges’ Daniel privately studied wine with French Master Sommelier Christophe Tassan at Philadelphia’s legendary restaurant, Le Bec-Fin. Down to earth, funny and approachable, Daniel still feels his greatest influence in food and wine comes from his family. He brings a love and enthusiasm for food and wine, a passion for service and a deep desire to delight and amaze his guests.